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How to use the site's navigation

The upper menu bar

The menu bar usually looks like that:
Help on using the crossword game interface

The icons are used as follows:
Home Stop the current game and go back to the site's homepage.
Help View the game's help system (the one that you're viewing now).
Clock Show the timer - you can use it to measure your time.
New Start all over again - Erase your solution and start the puzzle again.
SavE Save - Saves your solution, This is useful in case you want to continue later from a different computer, for example, start the crossword at office, and finish it when you're back home.
Load Load - Load the puzzle you saved before, the puzzle will be in exactly the same state.
Print Print puzzle - Make a hardcopy of the puzzle.
Contact Contact us - Use this button to contact us, the site's team, if your found any bugs, errors, or if your have any suggestions. We are always happy to hear from you.
Solution Answer - This button will send you an Email with the solution of the Crossword.
Calendar Choose puzzle from another date.
Next Play the chosen date's crossword.
Login Login - Use this button to login to the site, This is required to save and load puzzles, and to receive the solution by Email.
Favorite Bookmark the site - Opens a menu with the option to bookmark us on various sites, like Stumbleupon, Digg, etc., Please use it if you like the site.

The login area

This is the layout of the login area :
help on using the crossword game interface
In order to login to the system, all you need to do is enter your user name (Your mail address), and the password that you've selected.
If you do not remember the password, press the "forgot password?" button, and we will generate a new password and mail it to you.

The puzzle area

The puzzle is divided into 4 main areas :
help on using the crossword game interface
1. The crossword - this is where the answers are written.
2. Across clues - this area contains the clues for the horizontal answers.
3. Down clues - this area contains the clues for the vertical answers.
4. Google search box - this area enables you to open Google in a new window and search for more clues.
When you finished the puzzle, press the "Check my solution" button on area 1 bottom, to see if your solution is correct.
If you cannot solve the crossword, you can press the Solution button from the menu bar, and the solution will be mailed to you.

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