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Very old: Abbr.
W.W.II boat
Air hero
Org. for Urey or Seaborg
G.I. address
Christian monogram
They or them, in Thiers
Balkans map abbr.
Place of peace and quiet
Reduce to ashes
Swan genus
"Ricochet" co-star
覧 Melba
Welcome surprise
覧 Maria
Coiffed like Leo
Chief law officers: Abbr.
Baltique, e.g.
B.O. announcement
"I 覧 great eater. . ." Shak.
Early French-lesson word
City off.
Famed hostess of yore
Kennel sound
S.D.I, targets
Dative or ablative
One of the Huxtables
Pacific atoll
"覧. La Douce"
"覧 This a Lovely Day?"
Scot's squeeze
Helpmate of sorts
"Music City Tonight" network
Indian weight
覧 -la-la
City in Nigeria
CBS is one
A Tyrol ending
NewYorker cartoonist Chast

Vertical CluesMove the Crossword clues
Bond rating
"All Things Considered" network
Encloses protectively
"Love Boat" deck
Imitate a cricket
"Life- beach"
Former nuclear agcy.
l903 Nobelist
Govt. branch
Camp bed
157ー 30'
Baseball family name
Buck or byte preceder
Govt. help for mom-and-pop stores
Greedy one
Opposite of sq.
Bennett's order to flag viewers
Actress Arthur
Actor Byrnes
Leonine name
N.Z. native
Avant-garde prefix
A descendant of Benjamin
Jeep mfr.
--- culpa
--- Lanka
Helpmate of sorts
K-O connection
U.K. mil. decoration
University of Maryland player
Eur. is one
Ann and May
Savile Row thread
覧 en scene
Coal bed
Hereditary Br. titles
"覧 day now ..."
"...覧he drove out of sight": Moore
Clty SW of Brussels
A people of Nigeria
de-chaussee (ground floor)


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